Appears in The Shadow Zone
Enemy Statistics
Hit Points 230
Attack Points
Weapons Axe • Shield • Helmet
"Dressed to kill from head to toe in the height of fashion, this Norse playboy really likes to show his axe off."

Vikings are large mutant humanoids. They each appear to be missing their left eye. Vikings also have a greenish tint to their skin, and have long orange hair and a full beard. For armour, they wear a chestplate and shoulder pads, and a helmet as well, which is also another form of attack.

Combat Analysis

Vikings have three weapons: a double sided axe, a shield, and their helmet. They rush up to players and attempt to kill them with their weapons. Shooting off any arm won't seem to make a difference, as they still will have a strong mean of attack. They are rather tough monsters who can take a large number of hits before going down. While the Volcano may slow them down, it is generally best for the player to use the Super Shotgun, and aim for their heads.

In addition to strong armour and heavy weapons, Vikings are notoriously fast on their feet. The player will more than once catch them charging head on at jet paced speeds. Vikings, when first encountered, are usually found alone, but can also be found to later hunt in pairs, in groups of three, and sometimes in overwhelming packs. The Laser Crossbow is another suggested weapon to take these monsters down.


The Shadow Zone

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