Super Shotgun
Chasm the rift07
First Obtained The Power Station
Weapon Type Hitscan
Ammunition Shells
Maximum Ammo 50
"Slow, yes, but very powerful, particularly if the enemy is close. A few headshots can slow down even the most persistent mutant."

The Super Shotgun is a very common weapon throughout the game. At least one Super Shotgun inhabits each level of the game, and ammo can be found regularly. The weapon is quite useful, as it can kill enemies in one to two hits, and remove limbs on lower-level enemies such as the Mong in one hit.

Players can hold up to 50 units of shotgun shells. The weapon has a decent range, although it is slower than the Rifle, Laser Crossbow, or the Volcano. Players will most likely use this weapon for most of the game.

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