Monster 05 PANT1.CAR
Appears in In Search of Inception
The Shadow Zone
Enemy Statistics
Hit Points 260
Attack Points
Weapons Axe
Punishers are large muscled and bare chested men who wear red hoods and resemble executioners. They can be found in both in the Castle and Egypt levels. Punishers wield large axes similar to a Viking's axe.


Punishers are large bare chested muscular men. They wear a red hood or 'cloak' over their head with eye holes which hides all facial features. Punishers have eye slits in their hoods which reveal large yellow eyes. They wear no clothes except for some type of loincloth which covers their crotch area. They wield large silver double sided axes. Punishers, while aggressive, have no real signs of mutations (besides their eyes), which could mean that they are either humans working with the Timestrikers, or that they are the Timestrikers themselves.

Combat Analysis

Punishers wield large powerful axes. They will move up to a player in order to hack at them. Punishers though are rather slow lumbering enemies though, probably due to their large size. However, this also makes them hard to kill, thus making players most likely want to shoot at their heads first. To counter a Punisher, simply avoid attacks and fire back. It's probably best to try and remove his axe arm, as this is most likely his most powerful mean of attack. The Super Shotgun or Laser Crossbow would be good choices to use. Explosives would also be useful.


In Search of Inception
The Shadow Zone

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