Appears in The CondemNATION
The Stronghold of Evil
Addon Levels
Enemy Statistics
Hit Points 100
Attack Points
Weapons Rifle • Fists • Feet
"the foot soldier with an attitude. This persistent mutant will switch to hand to hand combat if you blow off his shooting arm. Taking off his other arm doesn't slow him down much either, he'll get his kicks in anyway he can."

Mong are common enemies found through all of the levels of The CondemNATION, and again briefly in The Stronghold of Evil.


Mong are somewhat tall humanoids who have greenish colored skin, due to their mutations. They wear green soldier garb and armor, as well as a helmet and gas mask. Mong also wear Backpacks, which are sometimes dropped after being killed. Mong are usually armed with Rifles, similar to the players. Mong are generally the second enemy, and enemy type, encountered in game.

Combat Analysis

Mongs are basic fighters, who, when alerted to a player, and upon seeing him, will shoot, dodge, run, and shoot. Mongs can actually move quite quickly, and they strafe often. This makes them hard to hit targets with some weapons, such as the Rifle. They are best dealt with by the Super Shotgun. Even though they are commonly encountered alone, they also commonly work in pairs or groups of three. Mong are also sometimes backed up by other mutants, mostly being Stratos or Scorpions. They also sometimes work together with Fausts.


The CondemNATION
The Stronghold of Evil
Addon Levels

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