Chasm the rift05
First Obtained The Pit of Sarcophagus
Weapon Type Projectile
Ammunition Rockets
Maximum Ammo 50
"The most deadly weapons in the game, and not just for your opponent. Take care when using this weapon or you could be serving giblets while making your own gravy."

The Grenader is a weapon which resembles the likes of an RPG. It acts as a normal rocket launcher type weapon, firing a projectile at a straight distance until it impacts on something, causing damage to whatever it hit, and whatever may of been nearbye. The Grenader though doesn't seem as powerful as an enemy launcher. The Grenader uses rockets for ammunition.


  • The Faust are armed with a type of Bazooka weapon similar to the Grenader, except that its slightly more powerful and can fire faster. Killing a Faust however will not enable the player to pick up a Bazooka or a Grenader, or any Rocket ammo.

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