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Chasm: The Rift
Chasm - The Rift Coverart

Release Date



First-Person Shooter


M - Realistic Blood, Violence


Action Forms


WizardWorks Software, GT Interactive Software, MegaMedia Corp.



Chasm: The Rift was a 1997 First Person Shooter Video game developed by Action Forms games and published by WizardWorks Software, GT Interactive Software, and MegaMedia Corp.. Chasm was Forms' original shooter game, before continuing to create the Carnivores game series, the action-FPS Vivisector: Beast Inside, and the 2009 sleeper hit Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason. The game has many similarities to Quake by ID Software, which was the principle base for Chasm. Both games have some very similar themes and enemies. Chasm however was not based off of the Quake engine, and ran on its own game engine, which enable advanced accelerated 3D Graphics. However, Chasm is actully 2.5D as the engine does not support building on top of other sectors. Chasm is sometimes referred to as "Poor Man's Quake".

Story LineEdit

From Chasm: The Rift Manual:

"Humankind, in the process of evolution, has encountered a mysterious phenomenon - the destruction of the normal flow of time. From the past to the future, time rifts are forming in Earth's atmosphere. These rifts lead to different periods of history. Through them the most aggressive creatures from the past, present and the future have begun to infiltrate our time. These mutants, known as Timestrikers, have begun a complete and systemic eradication of all human life.

You are a specially trained commando who has been volunteered to investigate a recent attack by the Timestrikers. Utilizing an arsenal of devastating weapons and mysterious items from the past and the future, you have been authorized to terminate any mutant creatures that attempt to obstruct your investigation.

Each assignment gets you closer to the heart of your goal. A mission briefing gets you moving in the right direction, but it’s up to you to carry out your orders. Grab your weapon and report to the Commander immediately!"

The player takes on the role of an unnamed Marine whose mission is to stop the so-called Time Strikers, mutant beings invading different time epochs, from taking over the Earth. On this mission, he visits places ranging from military bases in the present to Pharaonic tombs in ancient Egypt. All of the levels involve dark corridors, often like that of catacombs and crypts.

One of the most notable features of the game was the ability to remove limbs from enemies. Still of interest are the bosses which can't be killed by mere firepower but instead have to be brought down using special tactics.

Expansion PackEdit

An official Addon was released which added new levels and enemies. It is freely available from the developer's website.

Level EditorEdit

The Retail CD ROM came with its own Level Editor for creating custom single player and Death Match maps. No user created content though has been found yet on the net. Chasm can also be edited with the Doom Editor XWE.

Episodes and LevelsEdit

Episode 1 - The CondemNATIONEdit

level 01 - The Power Station

level 02 - The Military Base

level 03 - The Underground Base

level 04 - The Pit of Sarcophagus

Episode 2 - In Search of InceptionEdit

level 05 - Dead River

level 06 - Underdune

level 07 - The Tomb of Death

level 08 - The Curse of The Pharaohs

Episode 3 - The Shadow ZoneEdit

level 09 - The City of Dander

level 10 - The Fortress of Desolation

level 11 - Subterranean Horror

level 12 - Phantom's Keep

Episode 4 - The Stonghold of EvilEdit

level 13 - The Weird Dimension

level 14 - Forsaken in Time

level 15 - Abreast With Terror

level 16 - Beyond Reality


Rifle - The No-Ammo weapon accessed by pressing 1 is a low damage rifle. It has an unlimited amount of ammunition.

Super Shotgun - The shell ammunition is readily available and is dropped by most enemies within the first level set. Boxes of shells (coming in sets of 10 or 20) are also very common throughout the game.

Volcano - A chaingun type weapon with, initially, limited ammo.

BladeGun - Shoots out blades.

Laser Crossbow - A crossbow that shoots out laser fire.

Grenader - The Grenader is a weapon that shoots out rocket propelled grenades. It is capable of harming the player's character.

Land Mines - The Land Mines have more power than the Grenader, but the Land Mines can only be placed on the ground. It can harm the player along with the enemies.

Mega Destroyer - The projectile is shot out like a long-ranged grenade throw. Each ammo pickup for this weapon is worth 2 points of ammo.


The enemies in Chasm are known as Timestrikers. They are monsters that travel through time rifts.

Scorpion - They are golden monsters, about two feet long, with three stingers.

Mong - Mongs are mutated soldiers wearing gas masks, and use rifles.

Faust - Fausts are highly-armored soldiers that is armed with a bazooka.

Stratos - Stratos are flying soldiers which shoot projectiles from the bottom of their legs.

Turret - The Turrets were used by the Platoon, but now they have gone berserk and will shoot anything on sight.

Joker - Jokers are humanoid monsters wearing Jester attire. They attack using their unique Blade Guns.

Skeleton - Giant armor-clad skeletons.

Punisher - The Punisher is a large beer-bellied and muscled man wearing a red hood over his head.

Viking - These Vikings are mutants armed with a shield and an axe, and will attack with either, and also with their spiked helmets on top of their heads.

Werehog - Werehogs are mutated Warthogs that charge towards the player to gore him/her with their tusks.

Gross - Gross' are monstrous-looking cavemen which attack with a spiked club and throw rocks at the player.

Zombie - They are the walking undead, and must be decapitated.

Lionman - The Lionman is a humanoid with the body of a warrior and the head of a lion. They run pretty fast and wield a shield and a mace.

Alien warrior


Alien creature


The bosses in Chasm are known as the Masters. At the end of each episode, the player must face a Master.

Sarcophagus - Huge and heavy, it must be sucked into the powerful blades of a large fan.

Sphinx - Vicious Sphinx-like monster.

Phantom - A ghost-like beast. Destroyed when comes into contact with bright light.

Time Judge - The main creature of Chasm. A formidable beast, it is the final boss of the game.



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