Bonifaciy's Lair
Episode Addon Levels
Level 03
Enemies MongFaustMincer
Alien WarriorAlien Captain
High Priest Bonifaciy
Level Chronology
Previous Castle Moidodyr
Next -
Bonifaciy's Lair is the last of three levels included in the addon pack for Chasm: The Rift.

The player must defeat the boss, the High Priest Bonifaciy. The player must first enter the boss room and use a switch to disable the pumping station, allowing access to the area with the reflector device. The player must then grab the reflector, then quickly run back to the boss room, and reflect the boss's energy orb attack.


  • Be sure all other enemies are cleared out before attempting to defeat the boss, as the enemies may get in the way.
  • The reflector device is time-limited. Remember the path to get to the boss as quickly as possible.