• Baratusii

    Chasm The Rift will now have a publicly uploaded deathmatch pack at 8/21/2016.

    It's a small deathmatch pack. made using the Chasm's Level Editor, you might notice that the player spawns are outside the map (editor is broken!) idk how to hex edit the positions of the spawns yet.

    When you get it the folder name is supposed to be named DMPAK1. Also more news. in a Linux distro with Wine installed along with DOSBox. it is possible to run the UDP exe for Chasm. it goes directly to DOSBox and runs the game allowing TCP/IP.

    Make sure your NAT network for virtual machines or computers are ready for some online deathmatch :P

    I,ll investigate this method further. Stay tuned.

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  • The Ultimate Doomer

    The version of Chasm I have comes with a file called chasm.inf in the folder ADDON1 (and another chasm.inf file in the folder USERMAP). The file has definitions for objects and the like, and also appears to list the hit points, file names, and other attributes of the monsters. Apparently, the Time Judge is called the "Worm" in the game's files, has 6000 life, and a speed of 0 since it doesn't move. Here's the monsters sections of the files, which shows the monster stats (note that the one in the expansion is slightly different from the original - some different monsters):

    [MONSTERS] 21         WRad     ARad    SPEED/R   LIFE      Kick  Rock   SepLimit 100 100 10 5 100 0 0 0  ;==== Hero ========== joker6.c…
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  • The Ultimate Doomer

    Chasm... :)

    August 11, 2013 by The Ultimate Doomer

    Chasm: The Rift.  I originally played the shareware version of this several years ago, and I liked it a lot.  I'm also a fan of Quake, and although I prefer Quake, I still think Chasm was a good game.  I didn't get the full version until many years later.  I played through the game and enjoyed the levels, enemies, and especially the bosses.  Even for being the "Poor Man's Quake", this is a classic game that I still like and haven't forgotten.

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